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Fàilte gu An t-Eilean Sgitheanach

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MySkyeTime is a – not-for-profit – website designed to make it easier for you to find, plan and directly book activities and accommodation on Skye.

We know you are travelling to our island to experience the incredible landscape and culture we have to offer. The best way to discover Skye is through connections with our local people and welcoming businesses.

Booking directly with our MySkyeTime operators supports local Skye livelihoods and provides you with the personal touch you simply do not get from monopolised booking platforms. These platforms drain millions of pounds from small communities and businesses each year. 

Booking and buying directly mean you can more easily get local insights and recommendations from businesses you book with. This way you can make sure you don’t miss out on anything Skye has to offer.

Local knowledge is what helps make the best adventures. The local people on our island want you to have the most authentic Skye experience possible. We want you to feel a lasting connection to our stunning island and the best way to do that is to ask for information and get recommendations from your hosts directly when you book.

Thank you for your interest in our island and for booking directly with our local businesses!

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Before you arrive...


The Isle of Skye seems small next to the Scottish mainland on a map, but, driving from one place to the next takes time. Our roads meander through moorland, over hillsides and trace the stunning coastline. You’ll want to be outside of the car and experiencing this landscape as much as possible. Google Maps never factor in our narrow roads, gorgeous views and the curious sheep do not allow for rushed journeys!


In order to truly experience Skye you have to be part of it. You want to walk in the hills, taste the local produce, meet the local people, and find the hidden adventures! It would take over 7 hours, just to drive to some of our most popular sites (that’s without stopping to visit) and you’d miss out on so many Skye gems. 

You’ve not come all this way to drive even more. Enjoy the moments of jaw dropping beauty without watching the clock. The Scotland of your imagination is in Skye. Breathe it in.

Come and dine with us at The Sprig, at the House of Juniper. Our newly opened restaurant awaits you with a delicious handcrafted menu. We pride ourselves on working with local suppliers, catering for all tastebuds and a warm atmosphere. You will find tantalising whiskies, world class wines and freshly shaken cocktails.

Discover more with the Skyetime Podcast. Stay up to date, uncover great local insights and make the most of your Skyetime!

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