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Visiting Skye by road
'Fosglaidh camhanich na buaidhe, Air cho grùamach a tha doilleir'
'The dawn of triumph opens, However gloomy the darkness'

Visiting Skye: Why should you Stay longer?

We have a pretty good idea of why you are visiting Scotland. You're coming for the landscapes, the lochs & the high mountains. You may have seen us on your favourite Netflix show and want to visit and experience the story for yourself. You're coming for the castles , the history, the whisky , Gaelic language & (maybe) even the accent!

We're here to tell you that everything you are coming to Scotland for is here on Skye. From the captivating stories you've heard, to the cinematic wilderness you've seen on screen - Skye has been the stage . It is Skye you are imagining when you think of Scotland.

Do a quick Google image search for 'Scotland'. Most of the top images are actually of Skye. Google knows, we want you to know too.

You might not realise this until you arrive... so that's why we're telling you now. You'll miss out on so many of the reasons you made your long journey if you only spend a few hours visiting Skye. In short, why should you stay longer? Because you won't want to leave.

'The Scotland of your Imagination is in the Isle of Skye'

Isle of Skye History, visiting skye
'Chi mi cuimhneachan sgrìobhte air an linn nach eil beo
Anns gach tobht’ agus gàradh, gach càrn agus crò'

I see remembrance of the long gone generations written
On each ruin, enclosure, rocky knoll and cattle fold

The Isle Of Skye Is Much Bigger Than You Think

The Isle of Skye looks small next to the Scottish mainland on a map, but driving from one place to the next takes time. Our roads meander through moorland, over hillsides, and trace the stunning coastline. You will find that you want to be outside the car and experiencing this landscape as much as you can. Our narrow roads, gorgeous views & curious sheep do not allow for rushed journeys!

To experience Skye you have to be part of it. You have to walk in the hills, taste the local produce, meet the local people, and find the hidden adventures! It would take over 6 hours, just to drive to some of our most popular sites, and you'd miss out on so many Skye gems. You've not come all this way to drive even more. Enjoy the moments of jaw dropping beauty without watching the clock. The Scotland of your imagination is on Skye.

Can I See Everything In One Day?

Visiting Skye for just one day will make your choices more about what you'll have to miss, rather than what you'll get to experience. Each activity you decide to do takes time. Each of our most popular sites take at least a few hours to visit. But you'll also meet fellow travellers and locals who will fill you in on the quiet places few other know. It's these quiet corners on Skye that the real magic of our island reveals itself.

When you arrive you'll realise that in every direction there is something new to see, somewhere new to explore. There are places the travel blogs didn't mention, experiences you can't capture on a mobile phone. Perhaps you don't know it yet, but you are going to fall in love with Skye. Make sure you give yourself enough time to take it all in!

Portree Isle of Skye
'Fada bhuam thar a chuain. Eilean uine fo cheò'

'Far from me over the seas. The green isle in mist'

How will you know you've stayed long enough?


You will have found yourself in the peace of Skye's perfect wilderness

Skye is full of untouched natural beauty. If you are looking to relax and unwind in nature, our landscape is second to none. We are an Island of high mountains & rugged coastlines, battered & scarred by volcanoes, glaciers, landslips, waves, wind & rain. Skye is indescribably dramatic – and you can have most of it to yourself. Forget TripAdvisor. Slow down, look around and uncover the true magic most people miss! Almost everywhere around you has something to do and see.


You'll have uncovered the true dramatic story of our island

The Isle of Skye is a billion-year-old love story… Our history is etched into the fabric of our landscape. We’re not just saying that. You’ll see it with your own eyes. You’ll feel it! our island is a geological phenomenon. Volcanoes became mountains that were carved and shifted by glaciers. Jurassic swamps and beaches turned to stone. Go in search of the enormous dinosaur footprints & ancient standing stones. Trek to the Viking canal, explore the clan castles of Skye and witness history at your finger tips.


You'll have tasted the amazing local Skye seafood and produce

Skye is full of award-winning businesses, Our local produce, restaurants, and accommodation are some of the best in Scotland. Isle of Skye hospitality is in a league of its own. Taste local seafood landed that morning, have a beer brewed up the road or why not chat over a few local drams that waited 10 years for your arrival.


You'll have spent time getting to know the locals

You haven’t really visited Skye if you haven’t spent some time with the Islanders themselves. There are plenty of opportunities to explore Skye with local people and get to see it at its best through their eyes. Activities & businesses on Skye are owned and hosted by knowledgable people & Island experts who love Skye. Proud islanders can’t wait to share their passion and stories with you.


you'll have had the adventure of a lifetime

Some expeditions in The Isle of Skye are only for the brave! Unleash your hidden explorer and test your mettle against the elements. Whether you are camping under the Northern Lights or following the North Star, Skye has something for everyone. Those willing to venture off the beaten track see our Island at its untamed best.

Visiting Skye is so much more than a day trip!

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