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Discounts, Travel Tips & Events Summer 2023

At MySkyeTime, our mission is to encourage travellers to immerse themselves in the local culture and natural surroundings of our beautiful island, rather than simply rushing through the popular tourist attractions. This approach promotes a deeper connection by focusing on quality experiences, sustainability, and respect for the environment. It encourages travellers to engage in activities like walking, cycling, or using public transportation, allowing them to appreciate the journey as much as the destination.

Our Slow Skye itineraries are designed to showcase some of Skye’s hidden gems, walks and small businesses off the tourist trail.

Travel Responsibly

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Castles & Whisky

Delve into the world of Skye legends whilst exploring the ruins of Dùn Scaith Castle.

Visit Eilean Iarmain where you can peruse local art at the An Talla Dearg gallery, sample traditional gaelic whiskies and relax with a pub lunch in the Am Pràban bar.

Whisky fans can also visit the nearby Torabhaig distillery for a tour of the impressive grounds. 


Discover Sleat and the Torabhaig Distillery

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