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Become a Voluntourist &

Together we can Keep Skye Beautiful

Register your interest now, and we'll keep you up to date on rewarding Skye voluntourism projects!

Become a Voluntourist &

Together we can Keep Skye Beautiful

Register your interest now, and we'll keep you up to date on rewarding Skye volunteering projects!

Skye Voluntourism

‘Voluntourism’ – the concept of visitors spending some of their time putting something back in to the communities they visit.


Every year, our small population of 12,000 islanders welcomes over 650,000 visitors. We love to share and show off our Island to our guests traveling from across the globe. Each helps to support our isolated Island communities and the wider Skye economy. However, this incredible interest and resulting footfall does cause damage we need your help to fix.

We are now working to support businesses and community groups like Tour Company Rabbie’s and the Staffin Community Trust organise teams of locals and visitors who will work together on rewarding projects that protect and preserve Skye’s landscape & environment. With your help, conservation work can safeguard the Isle of Skye from the impacts of tourism, look after its unique nature, stunning wildlife & breathtaking wilderness for years to come.

Voluntourism really does help...


Support Sustainability

By joining us, you can be sure you are making a lasting impact by shielding places of exceptional natural beauty, conserving natural wildlife habitats & securing a sustainable future for tourism on Skye.


Make A Change

You will be part of a movement that helps us strike a balance between enjoyment of and care for our beautiful home. Your energy and cooperation are vital in protecting our wilderness, wildlife, and habitats for generations to come.


Forge Friendships

With locals and fellow volunteers, you’ll make connections with people working toward the common goal of protecting and preserving the Isle of Skye’s natural environment. You’ll experience Skye’s authentic welcoming & warm culture.


Secure Skye's Future

Each legend of our past stood up for Skye. This is your chance to write yourself into our history. Each volunteer can help leave a lasting legacy that will be seen on Skye for years to come.


As part of a Keep Skye Beautiful team, you will be involved with helping to maintain & restore some of the most popular sites on the Island. For example, in the South of Skye, Highland Explorer Tours is embarking on a new relationship with Sleat Community Trust to carry out path maintenance, tree planting and the removal of non-native species in Tormore Forest.

You will immerse yourself in the magic of the Isle of Skye and spend a transformative time on the Sleat Peninsula – our Make Travel Matter Adventure is the perfect balance of travelling to do some good, a great way to help off-set your carbon footprint and make a positive difference to the natural environment. We have partnered with the Sleat Community Trust to help transform Tormore Forest by assisting with tree planting, path building and repair, and aiming to make a positive difference whilst having fun!


We are currently developing an annual program of activities and projects that visitors will be able to take part in during their trip to Skye.

These activities will allow visitors to volunteer as much or as little as they like whenever they feel that they can.

Visitors to Skye can check in on projects throughout the year, and see what is available during their stay. 

As part of our annual program, you will be able to take part in beach cleans, path renewals and much more – with everything you need provided to you from hubs before you and your friends and family set off for the day. 

These projects will provide the perfect opportunity for guests looking to give something back during what will surely be a stunning, dramatic, and exhilarating visit to Skye. 


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