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Sustainable Skye, minimising your footprint

December 14, 2023

by MySkyeTime

Everyone’s been talking about sustainability on Skye recently, and for good reason. As the Isle of Skye continues to attract a significant volume of tourism every year, the environmental impact has become a pressing concern. 

The fragile ecosystems, pristine landscapes, and unique biodiversity of the island face growing challenges with the increasing number of visitors every year.

The delicate balance between preserving the natural beauty of Skye and catering to the demands of a booming tourism industry , which helps our island to thrive, is something that can be achieved with joint efforts from our communities, businesses and travellers. It is important for visitors to recognise their role in preserving this natural gem.

If you’re planning a trip this Winter, take a look at these three tips for enjoying the scenery whilst being mindful of the environment, , you can contribute to the ongoing conversation about sustainability and help safeguard the environmental integrity of the Isle of Skye for years to come.

Tip #1

Respect Nature

Skye’s beauty lies in its untouched landscapes. Consider minimising your ecological footprint by adhering to designated trails and pathways, avoiding straying into sensitive habitats. This simple act can contribute significantly to the preservation of the island’s natural landscapes. 

So stick to marked paths, respect wildlife, and avoid disturbing local areas of woodland. You never know what might be hibernating in there!

Tip #2

Shop Responsibly and Local

Shop for Christmas presents or souvenirs at one of the local shops on the island while you are here. You can pick up unique gifts from super sustainable makers, such as a lovely sheepskin rug at Skye Skyns, pottery from Edinbane Pottery or a scented candle at the Skye Candle Co. – all without worrying about air miles or your carbon footprint.

Supporting local businesses that prioritise sustainable practices can make a substantial difference. By choosing accommodations, restaurants, and shops that are committed to environmentally friendly operations, you can play a key role in promoting a sustainable tourism model. This, in turn, encourages the local industry to adopt practices that reduce its overall impact on the Isle of Skye.

Start Here to Plan the Perfect

Skye Winter Adventure

Tip #3

Minimise food and other waste

Responsible waste management is crucial. As visitors we encourage you to carry reusable items, like a reusable water bottle, say no to single-use plastics, and properly dispose of your rubbish. You can even participate in local cleanup initiatives, if you like, to ensure that Skye remains unspoiled for future generations. 

Also, it’s easy to over order when you are staying in self-catering accommodation – especially if there’s a lot of you, and especially during the festive season. Try meal planning ahead of time, and if you can’t take food away with you at the end of your trip, donate it to the Skye and Lochalsh foodbank. 

Visitors to Skyeskyns Waternish are transported back in time to witness how real sheepskins are made using time honoured methods of leather making – one of the oldest crafts known to man. 

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